Falcon Robotics

About Us.

Falcon Robotics is a robotics and cognitive engineering company that provides you with invaluable bespoke solutions for your business. These solutions are aimed to reduce human error, wasted time, and costs in each and every project.

Founded in Dubai, Falcon Robotics aims to be synonymous with the regions’ passion for excellence, world-leading innovation, and moving the industry forward.

With access to the most advanced software and equipment, we harness the skills and capabilities of our team to bring added value and improved quality for our clients. Serving as an incubator for machine learning, computer vision, drone, and robotics technology, we strive to help the modern world use this technology in a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective way.

At Falcon Robotics we offer a range of products and solutions to meet every business needs. We collaborate with international institutions and have an extensive network of partners to cover almost every aspect of the industry.  We work with a large team of innovators, engineers, and scientists, to ensure the latest technology is considered when developing the solution for each project. Contact our knowledgeable team so that your business can benefit from any of our products or services.

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