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Drones By Industry.

Small and nimble, drones can be used in various industries for several purposes. At Falcon Robotics, we have a range of drones that can be used to satisfy needs and reduce costs and wasted time in different industries.

Based on the specifications of your project or area, we supply the most cost effective and feasible solution, with the correct payload, fly time and mode of operation.

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At Falcon Robotics we can customize drones for you to fit the specific requirements of your project. Please contact our team of engineers should you require information on customizing a drone or for any other inquiry.

Drones in Construction Industry

Using a drone on your construction site can help prevent costly mistakes, increase safety, and track progress. Our premium-quality drone site services harness the power of geolocation sensors, cameras, and infrared sensors to instantly capture both physical and environmental details about your site before, during, and after construction works are complete.

Drones used for Aerial Inspections

By design, drones can go where it is difficult or impossible for humans to go. These advanced pieces of hardware can be used for a variety of aerial inspections, including:

  • Search and Rescue Missions
  • Building Inspections
  • Insurance Appraisals

Drones used in Warehousing

Drones can be used to carry out a speedy scan of thousands of items in a warehouse and produce an inventory report of the stock level. Not only would the use of drones reduce costs and the time required for an inspection, but it would also allow for the stock level to be checked more frequently. Falcon Robotics is happy to present Shaheen, a drone that would operate in GPS denied areas including warehouses.

Drones used for Agriculture and indoor farming

Drones can be used in agriculture to provide real-time information about large tracts of agricultural land. They can measure various factors such as water use, temperature, and crop health. The use of drones in agriculture eliminates the need to conduct costly aerial surveillance that is carried out by aircrafts every once in a while, which would lead to a significant drop in costs of such surveillance. The drones can be operated at shorter intervals and gather useful information that would allow the farmers to manage the crops more efficiently leading to a more profitable outcome.

Delivery Drones

Drones are currently being used by a limited number of companies for delivery of packages, however, this service is expected to take off significantly in the near future. Using drones for delivery would not only reduce the greenhouse emissions and traffic jams but would reduce the delivery times of items substantially.

Drones used in Cinematography and Photography

Whether it is for cinematography or photography our drones can are equipped with spectacular recording equipment to deliver high-quality footage.

Drones used in Real Estate

Drones can be used to provide an aerial view of the land, the property, the surrounding area and the local neighborhood to the potential buyers.

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