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Drone Types and Specifications.

A drone also is known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) can function with varying modes of autonomy. In other words, they may be operated by a drone operator, be fully autonomous or semi-autonomous depending on the budget as well as the planned missions, project, and client requirements.

A drone is one of the elements of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) or UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) which consists of a UAV, a control station, and a wireless communication system between the UAV and the controller.

Drones are produced in various models and can be customized to match the specific requirements of the users. They can be used for collecting data, precision agriculture, product delivery, cinematography, inspection and surveillance, aerial photography, infrastructure modeling in addition to military services.

Falcon Robotics is glad to present a wide range of drones that may be utilized in various projects leading to reductions in cost and wasted time as well as human error.

We have classified these drones by their specifications and by the industries they can be used in. Range of drones available at Falcon Robotics can be found below.

Classified by Specification

Drone Types and Specifications

The table below provides a useful guide for the selection of the drone(s) that may be most relevant to your specific project.

Please contact our team of engineers should you require information on customizing a drone or for any other enquiry.

To check which drones may be most suitable for your industry click here to see our classification of drones by industry.

Model Number Type Payload Flight Time Size Features Use
Shaheen Variable 15mins 98x35x35mm Autonomous Indoor and outdoor Flights Warehouse Solution, Security, Surveillance, Inspections.
FR-D001 Multi-Rotor Drone 1 kg 1 hr Frame 699mm Max Take-off weight 4.25kg Commercial, Industrial, Police, Military, Civil Defence
FR-SD001 Multi-Rotor Spraying Drone 10 kg 25 mins 1.41×1.41×0.47m


Variable rate application of liquid ranging from pesticides, fertilizers, sanitizers as well as other chemicals Agriculture, Sanitization, Aerial Mapping
FR-TD001 Multi-Rotor Tethered Drone 15kg 24 hrs 1.75×1.52×0.85m 360 degrees detection, 200m high altitude surveillance Communication Relay, Aerial Mapping, disaster response, event management and security, traffic monitoring and a variety of military applications such as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.




Unmanned Helicopter 70kg 2hrs 2.3x1x1.6m Intelligent route planning aerial inspections, security and surveillance, spraying pesticides and environmental monitoring.


FR-HD003 Unmanned Helicopter 150kg (Take-off weight 450kg) 3hrs 4.2x2x2m High speed (100km/hr), remains stable in harsh weather conditions which includes high gust, high and low temperatures aerial inspections, security and surveillance, spraying pesticides and environmental monitoring.


FR-FD001 Vertical Take-Off & Lift (VTOL) 2kg (Take-off weight 7kg) 1hr 1.54m wingspan Fully Autonomous Crop production, Monitor crop growth, Process optimization, photography and medication delivery.
FR-FD002 Multi-Rotor Indoor Drone N/A 8-12min 0.21mx0.21mx0.1m Fully Autonomous Indoor Drone Indoor online video monitoring, warehouse solution.
FR-SAE010 VTOL 3kg (Take-off weight 12kg) 1.5hr 2.6/1.6m Electric VTOL UAV Platform.

Anti-Electromagnetic Interference

Long Range Transmission

Powerline Inspection, Mapping, security and surveillance.
FR-SAE030 VTOL 6kg (Take-off weight 34.5kg) 6hr 4.2/2.1m VTOL UAV with high load and long endurance

Anti-Electromagnetic Interference

Long Range Transmission

Powerline Inspection, Mapping, security and surveillance.



Shaheen is a lightweight device that can be assembled on almost any type of drone, to provide intelligent autonomous navigation.

This technology allows pre-programming the mission of the drone so that it can navigate through various environments without the need to use GPS, visual markers, or beacons. In simple words, this technology will give the drone an eye and a brain so that the drone would navigate itself based on the pre-programmed mission.

The main applications include warehouse inventory, industrial inspection, security and surveillance, as well as perception in high altitudes or complex, dirty or dangerous environments. The platform integrates easily with both standard and IR cameras in addition to other sensors for high-quality imaging of complex subjects and structures, regardless of altitude or other complicating factors.

Although Shaheen can be presented as an integral solution, it can be modified for integration on your own drone based on your requirements.


One of the smallest and most efficient drones that Falcon Robotics offers. Only 4.25 kg maximum takeoff weight including a customizable payload of up to 1kg. (Open Gimbal Frame allows mounting any equipment.)

The flight time of this drone is 1 hour with a flying range of 10km and a maximum height of 6500m. It works on smart batteries and is 37% more efficient compared to similar models, thanks to the efficient motor and its light-weight frame.

This drone is suitable for use in collecting data, aerial inspections, and aerial photography services. Some of the use cases of the T-drone is pipeline inspections, cinematography, industrial inspections, environmental monitoring, and rescue services.

FR-SD001 Spraying Drone

This fully autonomous drone is designed for high precision spraying of various liquids. Due to this specification, this drone may be used in precision agriculture for spraying fertilizer pesticides, herbicides, or for spraying disinfecting sanitizers as well as precision watering.

The maximum payload of this drone is 10kg. This drone can carry out high-efficiency spraying at a rate of 23.5 hectares per day. This drone automatically records its coordinates and therefore if it stops working for a battery change or if the spraying liquid tank is empty, the drone would automatically return to its starting point and when ready, will resume the flight and start spraying from the last stopping point.

The drone is highly portable and has a foldable design and can be used for precision agriculture or spraying disinfectants as well as aerial surveying.

FR-TD001 Tethered Drone

Our tethered drones are those that are securely attached to an electrical generator to provide the drone with continuous power supply. This drone has a payload of 15kg and can fly up to 24 hours in altitudes as high as 200m and provide 360 degrees of situational awareness.

These drones may be used in disaster response, communications relay and amplification, event management and security, traffic monitoring, and a variety of military applications such as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

FR-HD-001 Unmanned Helicopter

This drone works fully autonomously to fly planned missions Despite its relatively small size, with a length of 2.3m, it has a payload of 70kg and can fly up to 2hrs. This drone has a high spraying efficiency and can spray 6.7 hectares per flight. This unmanned helicopter can also be used for aerial inspections, security and surveillance, spraying pesticides, and environmental monitoring.

FR-HD-002 Unmanned Helicopter

This drone has 3 different flight control modes varying between fully autonomous, semi-autonomous, and manual control. It can carry a payload of up to 35kg or 50kg with a flight time of 2hrs or 1 hr respectively. It can also be used for spraying with an efficiency of 2.7 hectares per flight.

Main uses of this drone are in maritime patrol, firefighting, emergency rescue, aerial mapping, industrial and pipeline inspections, and agriculture spraying

FR-HD-003 Unmanned Helicopter

This semi-autonomous drone has a significant payload of 115kg with a maximum take-off weight of 450kg. The drone can fly up to 3hrs and remains highly stable in harsh weather conditions which include high gust, high and low temperatures. The drone can fly with a speed of 100km/hr and at an altitude of 4000m.

This drone is convenient for the logistics industry and in particular for the transportation of heavy payloads. It has also proved useful for conducting aerial surveyance, spraying pesticides, and inspection services.

White-Shark VTOL

These drones come in two types, with either electric or hybrid power transmissions. They both have a payload of 8kg and a wingspan of 5.1m. The drone has a max cruising speed of 95km/h with a flight time of 5 hours and a flying range up to 400km. This drone can transmit images within a 100km range.

White Shark drones can work in a wide range of temperatures ranging from -20 degrees C to +55 degrees C. They resist seawater corrosion and have a high safety level.

This drone is suitable for long-distance and border patrol, inspection services, forest fire prevention, coastal patrol, oil and gas pipeline inspections.

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