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Facial Recognition.

Facial Recognition is a contactless and non-invasive system capable of identifying a person in the photo, video, or live capture using the facial features. The system can capture a person from a digital image and compare that image with the live capture or with the information available on the database in order to identify that person.

This technology has proven efficient for the majority of security applications in various environments, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Schools
  • Government Facilities
  • Financial Institutions
  • Security Gates and turnstiles
  • Public Transport
  • Airports
Facial Recognition For Drones and Robots

Through tireless research and unparalleled innovation, we are proud to announce our reliable facial recognition feature, which is available with our custom-built drones or robots.

Facial Recognition Applications 

Facial recognition is a rare and highly valued feature across different industries and for various purposes such as:

  • Surveillance
  • Intelligent scene processing
  • Industrial inspection
  • Other security applications

AI-driven facial recognition is no longer the future of RPAS. It is the current reality, thanks to innovative advancements from Falcon Robotics.

Facial Recognition Data Platform

Learn more about our unique Facial Recognition modules using AI-REIM platform here.

AI-REIM is an AI data platform built on machine learning algorithm that is designed to manage robotic solutions.

Facial Recognition Device for Access Control

Falcon Robotics is proud to bring to the market our Facial Recognition Device that is capable of achieving pinpoint accuracy.

The device uses a custom face-recognition algorithm to efficiently and accurately identify individuals in real-time with > 95% accuracy in both 1:1 and mixed-comparison modes within one second.

The system’s monitors are entirely portable and easily mountable to existing security infrastructures such as gates and turnstiles for access control and safety enhancement. Advertising may be displayed directly on the monitors.

This device fully supports both Ethernet and Web-based connections to its back-end management suite, which provides remote management of security terminals along with full reporting functionality, including flexible attendance reporting.

This device is easy to use and install. It can store 10k faces. The information of any new visitor can easily be added to the system.

The system has the following features: 

  • Accurate, real-time facial recognition
  • Employee information management
  • Dynamic report generation
  • Full functionality even in low-light settings
  • Remote centralized management of all functions
  • Portable, mountable, and easy to maintain

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