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Inspection Robots.

Inspection Robots are robots equipped with high-resolution cameras and vision sensors. These robots can provide remote monitoring for critical, sensitive, dangerous, or high-value equipment or infrastructures.

Using inspection robots can reduce the need for staff and provide safety of work in hazardous settings.

Falcon Robotics is proud to provide Inspection Robots that provide 24-hour monitoring of critical equipment, identifying operational anomalies, and helping diagnose them through comprehensive data collection and analysis.

These robots are produced in switchable modes. In other words, with a touch of a button, the device can be switched to autonomous or semi-autonomous mode

Our inspection robots can record a number of factors based on the project requirements. These factors include but are not limited to humidity, ambient temperature, and partial discharge. These robots are also capable of generating reports in real-time for consideration of the users, transferring the collected information to a database, or sending the collected information as an attachment to a specified email address based on the user’s preference.

The robots can be designed to move on customizable rails for inspection of higher elements or move on the ground.

The robots are also capable of the following:

  • Visible/IR Detection
  • Monitoring switches and instrument lights
  • Reading meters
  • Measuring the temperature
  • Partial Discharge (PD) Detection
  • Identifying PD pulses
  • Measuring PD amplitude and phase
  • Triggering alarms
  • Analyzing PD history
  • Automatic software and hardware self-testing, reducing the risk of false alarms


  • Communication with others through a two-way voice intercom
  • Intelligent recharging
  • Identification and analysis of interference from radio, light, and sound waves
  • Smoke detection
  • Measurement of environmental factors including humidity, temperature variations, and detection of CO, CO2, O3, and SF6
  • Fully configurable routing and autonomous 24/7 operation

At Falcon Robotics we have a dedicated team for customization of inspection robots taking into account the project/client requirements. Please contact us to enquire about our services.

Advantages of these robots

Easy to Operate

• Pushbutton start
• Fully autonomous mode

Efficient and Cost-Effective

  • Reduces reliance on human inspectors by up to 70%
  • Reduces risk to human life
  • 24/7 operation
  • Real-time inspection reports
  • Failure analysis powered by AI
  • Capable of advanced Image-recognition


  • Highly configurable to meet your needs
  • Additional customization available through our R&D team


These robots may be ideal for use in power-distribution rooms in buildings, warehouses, research facilities, vertical-farming operations, and any other indoor environment whose automated systems require comprehensive inspection and monitoring.

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