Falcon Robotics

Smart Sleep Pad.

During the outbreak of COVID-19, a large number of hospital beds were occupied by the patients, and the hospital staff was put under great amounts of pressure to look after the patients.

To reduce the work-load of our hardworking medical staff, Falcon Robotics is happy to present the Smart Sleep Pad.

This Sleep Pad will be placed under the mattress and provides accurate, real-time information on the patient’s heart rate, breathing, sleep quality, and body movement. It also provides full articulation for ideal ergonomics while lying down, sitting up, or adjusting for each user’s specific needs. This information is also made available remotely through mobile phone apps or cloud-based tools and would allow the staff to control the patient remotely.

This system is capable of preparing visual reports through the WIN Health Management cloud platform to offer daily, weekly, and monthly information on single beds or groups.

This monitoring Sleep Pad has been designed to adjust the angle of the bed, and alert the nurses when the user’s health has been compromised during sleep.

This system is suitable for use at home, in nursing facilities, and in hospitals and is available in two types: Adult Smart Sleep Pad and Baby Smart Sleep Pad.

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