Falcon Robotics

Thermal Facial Recognition.

Early detection is a key part of fighting the spread of COVID 19. Falcon Robotics supplies a unique Thermal Facial Recognition system which, using IR radiation, can identify individuals, even those wearing masks, in less than 1 second, while accurately assessing their body temperature – with the accuracy of 0.5°C.

The system is entirely portable and easily mountable to walls or existing security infrastructure such as gates and turnstiles and is ideal for managing a variety of screening scenarios. This contact-less device can be installed by entrances of malls, schools, companies, or any other building to allow entry only to those who have a body temperature within the acceptable range and/or those who are wearing masks.

Our system uses a custom face-recognition algorithm powered by infrared thermal measurements to efficiently and accurately identify individuals and their body temperature without removing the mask.

The system can be used for: 

  • Personnel management
  • Attendance management
  • Visitor management

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